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Brodo Bone Broth Review

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About Brodo Bone Broth

Brodo Bone Broth was founded in 2014 with a simple mission, to make purchasing nutrient-rich bone broth as easy as purchasing a cup of coffee.

Seven years later, that mission has been achieved. Brodo Broth is found in a range of flavors at multiple take-out shops and grocery stores on the East Coast. The broth is also conveniently available for delivery across the US.

The super healthy broth offered by Brodo has been featured by The New York TimesEpicuriousRefinery29Goop, and many more. For those looking to give their health a boost, Brodo Bone Broth is a product that comes highly recommended!

By reading this Brodo Bone Broth review, you’ll get a more in-depth understanding of Brodo’s offerings and the health benefits that bone broth brings.

This Brodo Bone Broth review will also answer some common FAQs and provide feedback directly collected from real customers to help you decide if purchasing from Brodo is right for you.

Overview of Brodo Bone Broth

Brodo was launched in 2014 by acclaimed New York chef, Marco Canora. The idea to serve bone broth at his East Village restaurant came to him shortly after discovering the health elixir and incorporating it into his daily diet.

Wanting to share the amazing benefits of bone broth with fellow New Yorkers, Brodo Bone Broth was born!

Today Brodo soup is served as a take-out product at multiple locations in New York City. For those not in the area, no problem! Brodo can also be found at East Coast grocery stores and can be purchased online and shipped right to your door.

The method of making bone broth used by Brodo is the same as that used in Italy. This is quite fitting as the name Brodo comes from the Italian word for broth!

This Italian method involves simmering meat and bones to get a final product that is much more nutrient-dense (and delicious!) than a broth made using only bones.

Along with this more flavorful cooking method, Brodo uses high-quality organic ingredients in all of its products.

Having taken a look at Brodo’s background, this Brodo Bone Broth review will now cover the pros and cons of the brand and its product offerings.


  • A variety of delicious and healthy bone broth options delivered directly to your door anywhere in the US
  • Vegan-friendly options available
  • Offers many health benefits, including improving joint, gut, skin, and immune health
  • A great diet food – especially for people on the Keto or Whole30 diet
  • All broths are gluten, dairy, and sugar-free, are very low in carbohydrates, and organic
  • Contain a high protein content of seven to ten grams per cup, offering “the benefits of meat without the bulk
  • Can store the broth frozen for up to one year
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • No international shipping
  • Fewer flavor options available

Brodo Bone Broth Review 

Brodo offers customers four core flavors of delicious and nutrient-rich bone broth. These main varieties are:

  • Chicken Bone Broth
  • Beef Bone Broth
  • Hearth Bone Broth (a blend of chicken, turkey, and beef bone broths)
  • Vegan Seaweed and Mushroom Bone Broth

These tasty broths are available for purchase in a range of sizes and flavor combinations to meet your needs. Yummy limited-edition flavors are often available, too!

All broths are perfect for consumption on their own, or you can blend them with herbs and other ingredients. You can even cook with them, for example, as a base for soups or sauces.

Luckily for those not in New York, Brodo Bone Broth is available for purchase directly from their website.

Curated bundles are also available for shipping across the country, and packs are also totally customizable, with the option to build your own bone broth bundle!

The following Brodo Bone Broth review will cover the brand’s main offerings and bestsellers that are available for purchase on the Brodo website.

Brodo Variety 10 Pack Bone Broth Review

Can’t decide which flavors to try? Then the Brodo Bone Broth Variety 10-Pack is for you!

This bundle includes all of the brand’s best-selling broths. The pack comprises:

  • Chicken Broths (22 oz)
  • Beef Broths (22 oz)
  • 3 Hearth Broths (22 oz)

This bundle is a great choice as it offers a lot of variety to make consuming the bone broth daily easy and not repetitive.

Prices are between $11 and $13 per container with the following bundle prices offered:

  • One time purchase: $130/$13 per container
  • Recurring 2-week subscription: $110/$11 per container
  • Recurring 4-week subscription: $120/$12 per container

Brodo Chicken 10 Pack Bone Broth Review

The Brodo Chicken Lover’s 10-Pack, as the name suggests, is perfect for chicken lovers! In this pack, you’ll receive ten 22 oz containers of Organic Chicken Bone Broth.

The chicken broth is made from organic chicken bones and feet. It’s also combined with Organic Onions, Celery, and Carrots plus Himalayan Salt and Organic Bay Leaves and Peppercorns for an amazing chicken soup taste.

Prices are between $11 and $13 per container with the following bundle prices offered:

  • One time purchase: $130/$13 per container
  • Recurring 2-week subscription: $110/$11 per container
  • Recurring 4-week subscription: $120/$12 per container

Brodo At Home Essentials Pack Bone Broth Review

This Brodo Bone Broth review will next look at the Brodo at Home Essentials Gift Pack. This offering is the perfect gift for a health-conscious friend or even as a treat for yourself as you begin your bone broth journey.

This fun starter pack features two 22 oz containers of each of the Brodo favorites:

  • Chicken Bone Broth
  • Beef Bone Broth
  • Hearth Bone Broth

Along with your tasty broths, you’ll receive an eco-friendly ceramic to-go mug, perfect for enjoying your broth on the go.

You’ll additionally get a copy of Marco Canora’s Brodo cookbook. This book comes full of recipes for nutritious bone broth plus tips on what you can add to your broth and how to use bone broth in other recipes.

The Home Essentials Gift Pack is the perfect kit for anyone looking to try out Brodo Bone Broth for the first time. This bundle is only available for one-time purchase at $129.

Brodo 6 Pack Sampler Bone Broth Review

If you want to test the waters with bone broth before you commit to a large order, then opt for the Brodo Bone Broth 6-Pack Sampler.

This bundle features:

  • Chicken Bone Broth (22 oz)
  • Beef Bone Broth (22 oz)
  • Hearth Bone Broth (22 oz)

This bundle gives you the chance to try all of Brodo’s best sellers without a significant investment. However, once you’ve tasted these broths, we’re sure you’ll be back for more!

Prices are between $11 and $13 per container with the following bundle prices offered:

  • One time purchase: $78/$13 per container
  • Recurring 2-week subscription: $66/$11 per container
  • Recurring 4-week subscription: $72/$12 per container

Brodo Subscription Review – Build Your Own Bundle

For those wanting more choice in flavor combinations, you have the option of building your own Brodo Bone Broth bundle!

Customers can create a custom:

  • 6-Pack
  • 10-Pack
  • 20-Pack
  • 30-Pack

Within these packs, you can include any combination of Chicken Bone BrothBeef Bone Broth, and Hearth Bone Broth.

Even vegetarians and vegans can enjoy Brodo Bone Broth through a customizable bundle, including a nutrient-rich vegan-friendly Seaweed and Mushroom Broth option.

Brodo does occasionally have limited-edition broths too, which are available for purchase via a customizable bundle.

Current limited-edition broths include The Deeply Rooted Broth Blend, a chicken broth with healing turmeric and ginger juice, and The Spicy Nonna Broth Blend, a chicken bone broth with roasted garlic and chili paste – yum!

To wrap up the product overviews in this Brodo Bone Broth review, we’ll quickly cover Brodo’s subscriptions.

Purchasing via a subscription allows you to save $1 (for a once-a-month subscription) to $2 (for a bi-monthly subscription) per container ordered.

You simply choose your subscription option, and your chosen bone broths will be delivered directly to your door once a month or every two weeks. It’s that easy!

If you’re thinking of adding bone broth to your diet permanently, then a Brodo subscription is definitely the way to go.

Brodo Bone Broth Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Brodo Bone Broth review will next look at a very important factor: what customers and users think.

First up, Bon Appétit mentioned the brand in a comprehensive review of the 5 Best Bone Broths You Can Buy Off The Shelf. Out of the 22 bone broths Bon Appétit tried, Brodo placed 2nd in the running and the review claimed that the broth:

“had a “surprisingly clean, yet also very intense beef flavor.” There were some notes of “sweetness and brightness,” and it coats your palate in a very comforting way, like mom’s homemade soup.”

Verywell Fit also reviewed many bone broth brands to narrow down which was best in their article, The 8 Best Bone Broths of 2021, According to a Dietitian. In this review, the brand was ranked Best Tasting overall.

The review went on to claim that “[i]f you’re looking for the best-tasting bone broth with the highest quality ingredients, Brodo’s Hearth Bone Broth is hands down the first choice.”

Brodo Facebook page feedback offers 4.9/5 stars based on 12 reviews. Brodo’s East Village take-out location has additionally received 4/5 stars based on 171 reviews on Yelp.

Reviewers particularly enjoy:

  • Quick shipping
  • The delicious and comforting taste
  • The health benefits of the broth
  • The high-quality ingredients used

One particularly helpful five-star review offers a great overview of why Brodo is one of the best choices on the market despite the slightly higher than average cost:

I am oddly obsessed with Brodo. After trying several varieties (at similar restaurants and from the supermarket), I can say with confidence that Brodo is the most flavorful. But maybe that’s also why it’s the most expensive. The quality ingredients and taste are worth the price!

Is Brodo Bone Broth Worth It?

Is purchasing Brodo Bone Broth worth it? After researching for this Brodo Bone Broth review, we think it is!

The bone broth alone is worth a try due to the various health benefits it brings and its tasty warming flavor. Once you’ve decided to try bone broth, then Brodo is a great brand to purchase from.

They use only high-quality organic ingredients and have a flavor choice for all tastes. Add in their unique and mouthwatering limited-edition flavors plus the incredible ease of ordering from them, and you’ll find few reasons not to give this brand a try!

The predominantly positive customer reviews given act as a final factor leading us to believe that Brodo Bone Broth is worth a try.

Brodo Bone Broth Promotions & Discounts 

This Brodo Bone Broth review was able to pick up an exclusive offer just for our community!

Use code HBR15 for 15% your first order.

Keep in mind, signing up for a subscription will decrease the cost per carton from $13 to $12 for a 4-week renewal subscription. The cost will decrease to $11 per carton for a 2-week renewal subscription.

Wholesale pricing is available, and you can contact Brodo for more information.

Where to Buy Brodo Bone Broth

Brodo Bone Broth can be purchased online at Brodo.com for delivery across the US.

You can also purchase Brodo Bone Broth at grocery stores in:

  • New York, including Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut

You can see all stores selling Brodo Bone Broth here: Brodo.com.

Take-out Brodo Broth is additionally available at four New York City locations.

Is Bone Broth Soup Healthy? 

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, then incorporating bone broth soup into your diet is a great option.

While bone broth has become somewhat of a health food trend over the last few years, it’s a centuries-old dish, consumed globally for its multitude of health benefits.

Consuming bone broth soup can help with weight loss and improve:

  • Immune system health
  • Joint and bone health
  • Gut health and digestion
  • Skin and tissue health

Bone broth is additionally low in carbs, salt, sugar, and calories but packed full of protein.


Is Brodo Bone Broth available for pick up in NYC?

Yes, you can pick up custom-made hot broth beverages from four Brodo locations in New York City which are:

  • 403 E12th Street, NY, NY 10009
  • 496 Hudson Street, NY, NY 10014
  • 236 Lafayette Street, NY, NY 10012
  • 2144 Broadway, NY, NY 10023

Brodo Bone Broth is also available at various grocery stores across New York City and state.

Who owns Brodo Bone Broth?

Brodo Bone Broth was founded and is owned by award-winning chef Marco Canora. Along with founding Brodo, Marco owns Hearth Restaurant in New York.

He has additionally written three cookbooks including, Brodo: A Bone Broth Cookbook, which is available for purchase at Brodo.com.

Is a bone broth good for pregnancy? 

Our Brodo Bone Broth review will now cover an important question: is bone broth good for pregnancy? The answer is yes!

Bone broth offers many benefits to expectant mothers including:

  • Helping to soothe morning sickness
  • Replenishing nutrients
  • Boosting elasticity to help reduce stretch marks
  • Offering joint support

Consuming bone broth while pregnant can also help greatly with the baby’s development before birth. Continuing to consume bone broth after birth can help the mother with postpartum recovery, too.

What is Brodo’s Shipping Policy?

Brodo Bone Broth ships across the US to all 48 states for free.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is available, but customers must inquire via hello@brodo.com for more information.

Brodo ships Monday through Thursday with most deliveries arriving within 3 days of purchase. Orders received after 5 pm EST on Wednesday will be shipped on Mondays.

You can also choose a delivery date at checkout, and Brodo will try its best to fulfill delivery by that date. All broth is shipped frozen and can then be stored frozen for up to one year.

What is Brodo’s Return Policy?

Brodo does not have a standard return policy. However, if you are not satisfied with your order, you can get in touch with Brodo, and they will do their best to resolve any issues or concerns you have.

How to Contact Brodo

If you would like more information on top of what is covered in this Brodo Bone Broth review, you can contact Brodo via email at [email protected].

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