March 28, 2023

Blackbough Swim Review 2022

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Blackbough Swim offers bikinis for those who love going to beaches and outside for enjoyment. The shining and stylish pieces of bikini will aid women in shining inside and out on Oceanside, playing spike ball, in the pool, or anywhere else. The company slogan is impressive: every day is a beach day, and they offer unique bikinis to make you confident on the beaches and outside places. Blackbough swim is quite a famous brand because it has more than 664K followers on Instagram and more than 50K on TikTok, featuring Seventeen and Popsugar. Milly Bobby Brown and Madison Beer bathing suits are popular suits of this brand, and indeed you have seen them.

Overview of Blackbough Swim

Blackbough Swim is a brand with a dedicated and small team for the production of bikinis for all occasions, and primarily they manufacture loungewear and bikinis for all weather conditions. The company understands what days are best to go to the beach and according to bikinis are made. The sunshine feelings and going on a walk wearing a bikini to get the shining of the sun, the perfect clothing is required and offered by Blackbough Swim.

Blackbough Swim was founded by Jemina Ty, who created the first bikini for herself in her bedroom. She was not of the view to sell it as a boutique item, but later these pieces were made to wear on beach fanatics of all sizes and shapes. These bikinis are amazingly designed to flatter the body and streamlined patterns. The company focuses on reliability and the comfy feature of bikinis with fresh and stunning looks. Whatever you wear, the brand tries to match the wearer’s soul and maintain the quality of the products.

Highlights of Blackbough Swim

Loungewear and bathing suits are in a wide variety on its website, having excellent fittings and high-quality fabrics—no compromise on the quality of the brands made by the company. The materials used in making bikinis are 80% recyclable, and the company is playing its role in saving the environment. The company is well aware of women’s products and their body sizes to launch new bikinis to fit every type of body. The online platform highlights many positive reviews and regular discounts and sales. The average user can benefit from discounts and deals on the website.

Is Blackbough Swim Sustainable?

Blackbough Swim is a trendy and new brand, but they have taken precautionary measures to make the environment clean, as 80% of the fabric of these bikinis is recyclable. Plastics are overloading our oceans and polluting our landfills. To play its role for the environment, the company created a product from 80% recyclable fabric but still, these are gorgeous with Ibiza flair and buttery soft.


Blackbough Swim is a company selling bikinis with 80% recyclable fabric at very reasonable prices ranging from $20 to $100. All the products are made under the supervision of an expert team. They are delivered to customers through international shipping, and the elasticity of brands enables them to suit everyone perfectly.

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