June 13, 2024
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Vyond Review 2023 Pros & Cons

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As we are all aware, videos have become ubiquitous and have gradually dominated the digital landscape. According to surveys, in 2016, video content accounted for 73% of the total internet traffic, a trend that is expected to continue, with projections of 82% by 2021. It’s undeniable that audiences increasingly prefer video content over other formats such as text and podcasts.

This surge in demand for video content has led to the growing popularity of animation videos. Animation serves various purposes, from driving effective marketing campaigns to sending creative, animated video messages to friends. The question that arises is, where can we find the perfect software or online tool to meet our animation needs?

For many, some animation software can be dauntingly complex, while some online video makers can be prohibitively expensive. What if there was a platform that simplifies this process for you? That would be nothing short of fantastic, wouldn’t it?

Introducing Vyond, formerly known as GoAnimate. What does Vyond have to offer?Vyond empowers individuals of all skill levels to create compelling and dynamic multimedia content. With its remarkable features, Vyond goes beyond the basic manipulation of text and images. It allows users to craft engaging stories with characters or produce captivating data visualizations that appeal to a broad audience and yield tangible results.What sets Vyond apart is that you don’t need any prior experience in video graphics to use it effectively.

About Vyond

GoAnimate, a part of the GoAnimate family, is a cloud-based video production platform. With the assistance of GoAnimate, you can craft captivating animated videos for your business, utilizing a vast library of objects, assets, and characters that span hundreds of industries.This platform empowers individuals of all skill levels, regardless of their background or role, to create compelling and dynamic media. Through the manipulation of text and images, you can weave an engaging narrative that captures the attention of a diverse audience, effectively marketing your ideas.

Established in 2007, Vyond, which is a part of the GoAnimate family, has provided valuable assistance to thousands of organizations, small businesses, and individuals worldwide, making video creation accessible and affordable.GoAnimate has garnered numerous positive reviews and offers coupon codes to enhance the user experience.Over the years, the company has proudly served more than 12 million registered users on six continents, resulting in the creation of more than 22 million videos.

Videos produced through Vyond have the power to captivate any audience. Whether you’re building a brand, striving to raise social awareness, or creating content for your clients, Vyond brings the magic to your storytelling.

Key Features

Online Tutorial System:

GoAnimate boasts an array of impressive features, but one of its standout attributes is its accessibility. You don’t need to be a programmer, software engineer, or computer expert to master this exceptional software. The website offers an interactive online tutorial that is not only intuitive but also provides quick and effective learning. With the software’s new instructions guiding you through each step and helping you achieve superior results, you can create your first full video in just five minutes!

Enterprise-Level Security:

Vyond Studio incorporates a range of data security and privacy features designed to align with various business security policies. These include configurable password management, locally administered single sign-on, a rigorously tested cloud infrastructure system, and compliance with EU GDPR and ISO 27001 standards.

Cloud-Based System:

GoAnimate is a fully cloud-based software, which means there’s no need for downloads or setup time. It won’t consume space on your hard drive, and it provides fully automatic synchronization along with flexible storage capacity at an affordable price, supported by reliable tech assistance. This cloud-based approach allows you to access its features from anywhere with an internet connection, making it accessible worldwide.

Team Collaboration and Training:

GoAnimate simplifies team collaboration by enabling the sharing of custom characters, templates, uploaded assets, and work-in-progress videos among team members. It keeps your workforce connected anytime and anywhere, on any device, ultimately boosting productivity.

Intuitive Processes:

GoAnimate’s video editor follows an intuitive workflow. It guides you to create your background first, followed by the characters, their movements and actions in the scene, external objects or elements, and finally, text overlays. This streamlined process minimizes the need for back-and-forth adjustments.

Customize Your Creations:

Vyond empowers you to create entirely unique videos tailored to your desired theme or style. With a vast library of clothing options, hairstyles, and facial features, you can customize characters to your heart’s content or adjust the colors of contemporary accessories to match your video’s aesthetics.

Powerful Audio Options:

GoAnimate provides a plethora of audio options. In addition to an extensive library of pre-recorded sounds, you can record your own audio and seamlessly synchronize it with the characters of your choice. Moreover, there’s a text-to-speech option that converts text into audible voices, which can also be synced to lip movements.

Wide Variety of Characters and Templates:

GoAnimate offers a diverse selection of backgrounds, characters, accessories, sounds, and more for its users. It also allows you to import your own custom templates, giving you the flexibility to customize the look of your videos. The abundance of pre-defined options allows you to create professional-quality videos in mere minutes, saving you valuable time.

Character and Object Animation:

Vyond has evolved from primitive cartoon animation to modern three-dimensional animation and object animation. With Vyond, your characters can move, behave, and act just like real people, offering boundless creative possibilities.

Lots of DIY Options:

Vyond’s instinctive interface assists you in adhering to your business brand guidelines and adding a unique touch to your creations. You can import images, audio, logos, and other assets to seamlessly integrate into your videos, resulting in a polished and professional look.

Collaborative Capability:

Opting for the “GoTeam” plan allows you to collaborate with other team members to create videos collectively. This fosters productive brainstorming and creative sessions without the need for everyone to work on the same computer. Instead, you can record each other’s ideas in real time within the software for a more streamlined and collaborative experience.

How Vyond Works?

Step #1: Click on the ‘Make A Video’ button on the top right corner.


Step #2: Two options to choose from:

1- making a video from scratch or pre-made templates.

2 – And from the ‘character creator’ to create your own characters.


Step #3: Find the right setting (background effects / scenarios) for your video.


Step #4: Select the appearance of your characters.

Step #5: Record the Voice.


Step #6: After finishing and recording voice your video Click save at the right corner.


Step #7: After all the above steps follow to make sure to Preview before publishing.

Vyond Pricing

Vyond is an ideal choice for businesses looking to manage their budget effectively. The company also offers a generous 14-day free trial to its customers. Additionally, it provides three distinct pricing plans, each tailored to different needs:

For Personal Use: Priced at $39 per month or $299 per year.

For Individual Business Use: Available at $89 per month or $649 per year.

For Small to Medium Teams: Designed for collaborative teams, this plan is offered at $159 per month or $999 per year.


In summary, Vyond is a powerful animation tool that excels in simplifying the animation creation process. Its user-friendly interface, customization options, and cost-saving features make it a compelling choice for a broad range of users. Despite some limitations, Vyond remains a valuable resource for those looking to add animation to their content creation repertoire.

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