May 26, 2024
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Luminar Neo Review 2022 – Just How Good Is It?


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Skylum Software has developed the latest and greatest photo editor with a simple interface, al-powered wonder tools, and powerful presets. This software house has designed Luminar Neo for relight al, layers, mask al and portrait background removal, and quick photo-editing. In its latest version, we get premium extensions like HDR merge, reducing the distance between Luminar Al and Neo for old and new users. Luminar Neo is an excelling photo editor for quick editing, released on 17th February 2022, replacing Luminar 4. It replaces traditional editing styles as just clicks can do complex editing with no learning curve.

What Does Luminar Neo do?

Luminar Al was the older version of Luminar Neo. It was teamed with Sky al, Portrait Bokeh al, and face al features, but Luminar Neo has more tools than the previous version. This photo-editor has a photo management tab to replace Luminar Neo’s catalog tab. It gives photos a fantastic look in albums of your choice, and batch editing allows copying and adjusting one edit to another.

The presets of this photo editor offer a 1-click alternative to editing photos with 22 different preset collections. Sky-Al feature of Luminar Neo features to replace the sky with a replacement tool in seconds to swap one sky with another. It gives the face a bright light with its Face Al correction tool.

Is Luminar Neo Good to Use?


Luminar Neo has brought a revolution in photo-editing because of its easy-to-use interface. The user interface is clean, and all the features are accessible and well-named. It has revolutionized the complex process of editing into easy editing by clicks. There is an option to add more favorite presets to the list to access their time and again. It has sensible ergonomics to assess the most-used presets and add favorites’ lists. Moreover, if someone was not pleased with the presets and has used tools to edit photos, Luminar Neo will create that present for later usage if you need it later.

Luminar Al and Luminar Neo


Luminar Al has unique photo editing functions with HDR merge, ease-of-use, and portrait background removal al. Still, Luminar Neo includes all features of Luminar Al. It has also added new ones for a more fabulous photo editing experience.

Cost of Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is free to download and try for 7-days. For this purpose, no credit card is required. Moreover, it costs $79 for activation, and if a person applies with promo code SILENTPEAKNEO10, you’ll get an attractive discount. It was released in February 2022, and its latest version is v1.2.0 (Reviewed).


Many photos editing software are working in the market, but Luminar Neo was recently released with Luminar Al features and experience. This software has changed the photo-editing industry because of its easy-to-use interface and other features.

Luminar Neo

It is a dumbed-down photo editor for all. It provides powerful presets, a simple interface, al-powered wonder tools like layers, mask al, relight al, and many more. Try it today and make photo-editing an enjoyable work. None can negate this because of its features and cost-effective photo-editing.

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