March 28, 2023
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Bluehost Web Hosting Review

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Bluehost, a web-hosting service with five start ranking, offers to excel hosting services at an affordable price and helpful support.

Bluehost is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, eCommerce stores, entrepreneurs, and personal website developers. Valuable support is trustworthy as they have been providing hosting services since 2003 and quickly started leading others in this industry. It is the world’s largest web hosting company because of its cheap web hosting services and reliability, unmetered bandwidth, content delivery network, security, and speed are matchless. Its daily, weekly, or monthly backups are proven to scale and optimize the speed and security of a website. 


Features of Bluehost


Empowering over two million websites, Bluehost is a brand name in hosting services for small businesses and eCommerce store development. It provides marketing training, content creation tool, and email marketing for promotion. Bluehost’s fantastic features are uniquely designed templates or themes, social media marketing, domain names, and local business listings. Every website needs traffic; for this purpose, Bluehost allows customers SEO services free of cost for trafficking. It’s reliable and fast hosting with one free domain. Bluehost works with SSL certifications and includes hosting packages with 24/7 support via live chat, phone, or email.

Is Bluehost only for Small Businesses?

Bluehost is the one-stop shop for small businesses, including eCommerce stores, personal websites, and entrepreneurs. Bluehost provides a DIY site builder for a custom design or selecting the provided templates to create a site, social media marketing, SEO, local business visibility, advertising, and many other services. It gives domain names, helpful tutorials, and email marketing. The guide on the how-to of website management, marketing topics, and hosting is free of cost. 

Bluehost Pros and Cons

A hub of various features that suit most websites is a Bluehost. In pros, hugely popular hosting of over 2 million is an advantage of Bluehost. Shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers are options for Bluehost to select. Simple upgrades, free anti-spam solutions, and integrated Cloudflare support are plus points. SSL, unique IPs and SiteLock Protection with a 30-day money-back guarantee are wow factors of Bluehost with 99% uptime. 

In cons, it never provides daily backup, and the hosting fee is not monthly as customers have to pay for a year. Tech supports are lazy in response and cost for migrating from other hosting service providers. It only offers Linux-based hosting, while others provide windows hosting with it.

Bluehost Price Plans

It offers four hosting price plans, including Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro, for three years ranging from $2.75 to $119.99. All plans with unlimited website development and storage except the basic scheme with 50 GB and limited site creation, endless email marketing, and email storage with free domains.


Bluehost is the only hosting platform with a 5/5 rating from the editors. It’s the most popular hosting service provider with excellent hosting at a reasonable price for small businesses, personal websites, eCommerce stores, and entrepreneurs. Using Bluehost makes website building left-hand task.

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