April 22, 2024
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Barefoot Dreams Review

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Casual clothing and loungewear are responsible for adding coziness and comfort in life in winter, and Barefoot Dreams is all about enticing such clothing. Ponchos, pullovers, and blanket construction require the soft fabric, and Barefoot Dreams provides it. They are popular because they have been added to magazines such as Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, and InStyle. The company started working in 2017 and is quite popular on social media, having more than 120K followers on Instagram. The time of canvases, stiff pieces of denim, and crinolines has gone and now switched to a cozier alternative, Barefoot Dreams, which provides brands with comfortable, buttery softness. This review quite handsomely dives in and takes out all points to make the purchase worth of price.

Overview of Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams was founded in 1992 by Annette, and she was of the view to bring out children’s comfy collection and comfort with colors. She died of cancer in 2012, and her husband carried the legacy and introduced many brands like blankets, loungewear, and throw pillows. This company is also affiliated with Disney to sell merchandise for The Lion King and Star Wars. Stan Cook, Annette’s husband, made many philanthropic efforts, including the Valley Presbyterian Hospital, Wunder Project, and Baby2Baby.

Pros of Barefoot Dreams

The company is relatively older and offers a wide variety of products, and its earnings are shared with several reasonable efforts like the WunderGlo foundation. Stan Cook provides a care and fabric section on the website, and also cash on delivery option is also available. Order more than $99 and gets free shipping on ground shipping. The best of all is that the brands have their names, and they are pretty famous on social media.

Cons of Barefoot Dreams

These days, the world is becoming a global village, but Barefoot Dreams does not offer international shipping, which causes a loss in sales and many other problems. Moreover, the price range is also a bit higher than its competitors, and they cost much more. The people’s reviews also show that the company is not offering a return policy, and there are many negative reviews.

Barefoot Dreams Blankets and Throws Review

Most students are budget-conscious, leaving rooms undecorated, but Barefoot Dreams has provided them with an extra collection of candles, blankets, throws, and bedding. All these four collections are used in homes, but let’s focus on two for a better review.

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Throw Review

Most of us watch TV shows at night and prefer sleeping soundly, but old and traditional blankets make them uncomfortable. Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Throw blanket is a perfect couch for late-hour programs as it is made of 100% polyester. This blanket is fluffy, plush, and warm on chilly afternoons for only $147.

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Bonfire Blanket Review

The winter nights are chilly, but this blanket features a hefty knit to provide thickness and structure against late-hour cold nights. It has stunning print and covers only one person for $145. This cozychic bonfire blanket is thick to provide warmth.

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